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Pryme Luxe provides the best quality eyelash and hair extensions on the market; offered at a tremendous saving to our valued clientele, at 50% less than comparable brands. Pryme Luxe has introduced a luxurious line of 3D Mink lashes that can be worn up to 25 times with proper care, and our 10A line of hair extensions are of the highest quality available anywhere.  Pryme Luxe founder and CEO, Braunta, is a 2nd generation hair stylist with over 13 years experience in healthy hair care and hair extension application. From her early days as a  "shop baby", the happily married mother of 2, has worked towards her lifelong dream of merging luxury and affordability, to give the everyday working diva the look of Royalty.

Pryme Luxe Lash Class Online
We are back, join me for the Ultimate lash class so you can apply your lashes like a PRO online, yes this is a virtual class
Aug 11, 1:00 PM – 3:11 PM
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